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We could have used another image above, one that is more provoking, emotional and gratifying - giving you a feeling that a small contribution from you will change the world. However, that would go against the very ideology we stand for. The world needs to change, constantly, and all the previous efforts of civilizations have contributed to the changes so far, and will continue to do so. We are at a critical juncture where on the one hand we have global poverty and underprivilidge is pandemic and on the other hand we have global warming and climate change as an imminent threat to the entire human race. There are many initiatives that could do better with the help you can offer. It is important that you think carefully. 

We are glad you have found us in this world wide web and we are humbled that you find our work worthy of your attention. Lightcube works primarily in the following four domains and we have achieved significant milestones over the years, with your support, perhaps we could move a bit faster cover more ground. Lightcube is a registered non-profit cultural organisation, and all donations / contributions will be eligible for tax relief under the section 80G of Income Tax Act. 

If you would like to continue supporting our work in a continuous / dedicated capacity, kindly write to us we would be happy to welcome you onboard as a trustee or a board member too.