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The desire to share and to be a part of something is very integral to the existence of even demons. Snehalatha Ramappa and Bharathy Singaravel explore this deeply metaphorical piece which talks about humanizing demons and also exploring the meaning of a divided country. This is the part of the Ninth issue of Umbra titled 'Our Gods - Part 2'. To read the entire article, Please subscribe to Umbra. 

What happens when a lifetime of human experience becomes more desirable than spiritual service? Angels cease to be. In his film, Wings of Desire Wim Wenders explores the desire of an angel to become human as he pursues, even longs for the sensations that will make him ‘human’, something he has only been witness to from afar. A film set in pre-unification Berlin, it depicts the lives of individuals who seem to be trapped in melancholy and the passive angels who are around only to ‘assemble, testify to, preserve’ these human experiences. It follows the lives of two angels, Damiel and Cassiel ( Bruno Ganz and Otto Sander), who have been roaming the city and witnessing the lives of the people lost in their own internal struggles. The angels can hear their innermost thoughts but are unable to intervene. 

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by Snehalatha Ramappa and Bharathy Singaravel