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Radium Cinema - Season II
February, 2019
Modern Antiquity: The Garga Archives Showcase
February, 2019
Radium Cinema
February, 2018
Lucrecia Martel: A Retrospective
December, 2017
The Dhenuki Project
August, 2017
Umbra Junction
August, 2017
Degrees of Separation
August, 2017
Isao Takahata: A Retrospective
November, 2016
Blue Dot Sessions III
September, 2016
Blue Dot Sessions II
August, 2016
Blue Dots Sessions I
July, 2016
Horror in the Bylanes
June, 2016
Youssef Chahine, A Retrospective: Cairodays
January, 2016
Sequences: Narratives of Animation
December, 2015
R V Ramani: A Retrospective
May, 2015
Transmissions III
February, 2015
Shubhradeep Chakravorty: A Retrospective
December, 2014
Beirut Calling
November, 2014
Gutter Moons: A Festival of Activist Cinema
September, 2014
Transmissions II: The Festival of Independent Cinema
November, 2013
The Machine Age
August, 2013
Pinhole Sessions
June, 2013
Satyajit Ray: A Retrospective
April, 2013
Distant Firelights
April, 2013
Buster Keaton: A Restrospective
December, 2012
Alain Resnais: A Retrospective
November, 2012