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We want to change the world just as bad as you do, and we do realise that its a tough journey that becomes more ardous when taken alone. Lightcube is an idea powerhouse that undertakes rigorous research and development approach to most projects, but we do fall short of logistics a lot of times, and we are constantly trying to raise funds and resources to empower some of our projects. Our partners have been a great help so far in their own capacities to get us one step closer to our ambitions, and we are constantly on the lookout for more partners. 

We are usually the first to reach out and seek help, but if you have discovered us, please do write in with your plans.

If we can't manage alone, we must do it together, for it must be done.  Suraj Prasad

If you would like us to help you with a specific requirement, please do check out the services we offer