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The Problem

As parents and educators, we all want our children to grow up as mature adults with empathy and care for the world around them. We want them to become individuals who are not just smarter, or successful but also more thoughtful, curious, wondrous and kind. In the pursuit for the highest score, the best college and the best placement – an ideal future – our children run the risk of losing touch with their own humanity. We realize that contemporary life has caused a radical shift within the space of a generation. The family structure has disintegrated, automation is rampant and we are all living in a world with resources that are quickly depleting.

20% children in Indian schools are depressed; they are suffering because of our education systems.

Dr. Amit Sen

Our Solution

At Lightcube, for the past six years, we have used the medium of film and cinema to help people get in touch with themselves.

Our answer, to use films to encourage people to get together, share with each other their personal experiences, their own stories, their worries and hopes for the future. For us, the opportunity to show a film meant a chance to help people rediscover themselves. It meant that in this extremely fragmented world of ours, people could get together and feel like they belong to a community again.


By showing these films in your school, Lightcube aims to help our children ‘SEE’, which means, Sensitise, Engage, and Evolve.



Students in schools to the world around them by exposing them to curated films, visual artefacts and literature that is designed specifically for them.



Students through workshops and exercises to give them control over the tools and techniques of image making, empowering them with the ability to construct their own narrative - design their own world view.



Help students to evolve into rounded citizens, empathetic adults and caring individuals.


By showing these films in your school, Lightcube aims to help our children ‘SEE’, which means, Sensitise, Engage, and Evolve.


25 exceptional films per year - specially curated for the target age groups.


Four workshops annually for each batch, covering aspects such as appreciation, techniques, practice and production.

Make A Film

Every batch will be involved into making of a short film based on their life experiences, helping them to reflect deeply on their own experiences and inculcate skills of storytelling.


Psychological, Academic and Professional Counselling. Group discussions post film screening to help students articulate their observations and reflect for their emotional well being.


Contact Hours


Students Per Batch


Curated Screenings


Workshops Annually



'A film society whose work borders on the revolutionary'

- So Delhi

We are Lightcube, an agency that helps people discover themselves, understand their own motivations and evolve into better humans, we just happen to work with the medium of cinema. Our team is composed of cinephiles, educationists and psychologists. We run a nationwide program called The Dhenuki Cinema Project that creates awareness and sensitisation in rural areas of the country and helps them in documenting their own lived-realities. We have in the last six years organised close to three hundred and fifty film screenings across the country. Lightcube has been recongised as a changemaker in the field of film society activism in such publications as The Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, Homegrown, Little Black Book, The Sunday Guardian, India Today, Newsgram and Millenium Post, among others

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