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The Dhenuki Project

Aug. 29 - Sep. 28, 2017


With the successful completion of our pilot projects in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Assam Lightcube Film Society invites you to a special evening to present the various accomplishments of the project to date, and to hold a conversation around the Dhenuki Cinema Project – An initiative that uses medium of film to transform villages.

The Dhenuki Cinema Project is an intricate exercise that is executed in three phases in each village over a period of twenty-one months. The project introduces the population to a wide selection of films curated from libraries of content partners NFDC, PSBT, CMS Vatavaran, Films Division & NETPAC. In the first phase of the project trained volunteers also known as ‘Cine-Activists’ travel to and stay in the village for three months initiating the film club which screens films at different locations within the village. The Cine-Activists then hand over the equipment and the functioning of the film club to the local population, who attempt to make the club sustainable in the subsequent six-month period, before initiating the building of a multipurpose resource centre in the village with the village population as participants and stake-holders.

The evening will present you with an opportunity to engage with The Dhenuki Cinema Project and to participate in building one of the largest cultural archives of India. The evening will present a folk performance, courtesy of the Song & Drama Division, Govt. of India, followed by screening of short films from the villages the project has travelled to. Ms. Aruna Vasudev would grace the evening as evening as chief guest, along with independent film-makers, film critics and sociologists.

September 28, 2017


“Lajwanti / The Honour Keeper” is a love story set in a village in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India. A group of women in their daily long walk to collect water recite songs and exchange words that reveal their hidden desires. But one day when a crazy dreamer whose only passion is collecting doves crosses their path, one of them, Lajwanti, starts a journey that will take her out of this closed world. She, who initially seems to be the most radical in her beliefs and for whom the sanctity of marriage is supreme cannot accept the group’s behavior towards her and abandons it. A new journey begins for her when she starts walking the long distance alone.

The silence and determination of the man with the doves becomes a curiosity for her and she decides to find more about him. But when the man does not show much interest in her advances she feels betrayed by her beauty and her dreams change from being driven by fear to dreams of courage. The veil starts disappearing and a new world opens to her. Will she overcome her dreams driven by fear to keep the honor of that man’s dream rather than that of the society?


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Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
New Delhi, Delhi

Open To: Everyone