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Transmissions III

Feb. 26 - Mar. 1, 2015


The third edition of Lightcube Film Society’s festival of independent films from around the world, Transmissions, took place from 26th February to 1st March, 2015 at Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi. The ambition of the third edition of Transmissions, the festival of independent cinema, was to establish a platform that devotes itself specifically and wholly to the cause of independent film production and exhibition in the country - the festival was not only be a screening platform, but also acted as a conference, a convention and a platform for an elaborate discussion of the fundamentals involved in the independent film scene in the country as well as a gathering of the most important independent artists working throughout the capital and other parts of the country.
To achieve this aim, the festival featured a series of film screenings, a workshop, a panel discussion, a set of exhibitions by emerging artists and tributes organised to major film artists.



The film section was divided into two sections. The first will exhibit featured films from around the world as well as major titles from the past few years from India. It included titles such as Shaan Khataau’s The Dark I Must Not Name, Amit Dutta’s Saatvin Sair, Pushpendra Singh’s Lajwanti, Pankaj Rishi Kumar’s 3 Men and a Bulb, RV Ramani’s My Camera and the Tsunami among others. These titles interspersed with films such as Benjamin Naishtat’s History of Fear, Soon-Mi Yoo’s Songs from the North, James Fotopoulous’s There, Daniel Ziv’s Jalanan and Gina Telaroli’s Traveling Light. This section showcased work from various different corners of the world - countries such as India, USA, Iran, the UK, Bosnia, Spain, Argentina.

The second section called Inserts included contemporary work in the short format, experimental and video-art fields; this ranged from video art from the Dominican Republic, videos from Syria, Japan and the US to a package of special, home-made videos. These titles were divided into two categories; ‘Home’, and ‘Neighbourhood’. Curated by filmmaker-curator-teacher Pankaj Rishi Kumar, ‘Home’ is a series of home videos, amateur footage, cine-letters that various filmmakers excavated from their family archives to forge a coherent, creative interpretation of, while ‘Neighbourhood’, curated by Rahee Punyashloka, features work by such filmmakers as Basma Alsharif, Masahiro Tsutani, Scott Cummings, Joel Wanek and Waref alQuba.



The exhibition space at Instituto Cervantes was used to display archival documents, letters, articles, footage related to the work and life of cineaste, curator, programmer and filmmaker Peter von Bagh. Apart from this, the exhibition also featured sketches, video and photographs by three interesting new artists, whose work covered topics as diverse as a sleepy haunted single screen theatre in Chennai, protests in Jadavpur and individuals in the Mumbai local trains.



February 24, 2015
Exhibition Opening: Ronny Sen, Mayur Mengle, Balaji Maheshwari / 5PM 

February 26, 2015
Opening / 6:15 PM
Blood Earth / Kush Bhadwar, 36’ / 6:15 PM
The Dark I Must Not Name / Shaan Khataau / 65’ / 7:15 PM

February 27, 2015
Lost in Bosnia / Film Factory / 95’ / 11 AM
3 Men and a Bulb / Pankaj Rishi Kumar / 74’ / 1:30 PM
Workshop with Pankaj Rishi Kumar, ‘A Non-Activist Documentary Cinema’ / 2:45 PM
Talk on Dominican Video Art, entitled ‘Video and Art Action’ featuring Eliu Almonte / 4:15 PM
Songs from the North / Soon-Mi Yoo / 72’ / 5:30 PM
Panel Discussion: Opening up of Alternative Exhibition Spaces and The DhenukI Project, featuring Sanjay Joshi, National Convener, Cinema of Resistance and Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava, Independent Film Maker (Moderated by Suraj Prasad, Founder, Lightcube) / 7 PM 
Lajwanti / Pushpendra Singh / 63’ / 8 PM

February 28, 2015
Traveling Light / Gina Telaroli  58’ / 11 AM
Inserts I (curated by Pankaj Rishi Kumar):
Home Videos / 127’ / 12:30 PM
I For India ( Sandhya Suri, 70’)
Bare (Santana Issar, 11’)
These Old Frames (Tahireh Lal, 15’)
Phantom Limb (Jay Rosenblatt, 28’))
Soundphiles / 20’ / 3:30 PM
Saatvin Sair / Amit Dutta / 70’ / 4:30 PM
History of Fear / Benjamin Naishtat / 85’ / 6:15 PM 
Special Screening, 16mm (organised by Japan Foundation):
Song of the Humans / Shinsuke Ogawa / 121’ / 8 PM

March 1, 2015
Inserts II (curated by Rahee Punyashloka):
Neighbourhood / 92’ / 12 PM
Field Trip (Amit Dutta 22’)
Between Regularity and Irregularity (Masahiro Tsutani, 8’)
Deep Sleep (Basma Alsharif, 13’)
Sun Song (Joel Wanek, 15’)
Buffalo Juggalos (Scott Cummings, 30’)
In Damascus (Waref Abu Quba, 4’)
There / James Fotopoulous / 103’ / 2:30 PM
Free Screening: The Plague / Neus Ballus / 85’ / 4:30 PM
Special Tribute (organised by Finland Embassy):
Helsinki Forever / Peter von Bagh / 78’ / 6:15 PM
Jalanan / Daniel Ziv / 108’ / 8 PM

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