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Culture at Lightcube

As a cultural organisation the fundamental need is to have a workplace that is stimulating, enriching and inspiring. Lightcube provies an environment that is congenial and supportive of an individual's disposition. Our team works in flexible timings with the aim to maximise potential and performance, we challenge and support each other to elevate the richness of our ideas and to enhance the outcomes of our projects. It is possible for you to collaborate with our team from anywhere, most of our team members / collaborators are located in different cities.

We work out of a small apartment, sharing available resources, we do not have cubicles or separate spaces and everyone is more than approachable. We have a common kitchen and all members lunch together while talking about a range of subjects and ideas that keep bubbling inside us. 

We frequent cultural spots around the city reviewing events, interviewing filmmakers or showcasing our products, on Fridays we have inhouse movie screenings and we also have the occassional BYOB parties at Lightcube.