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It is important to write, critically even more, but it is far more important to publish - text travels far and wide and informs not just the contemporaries, but it also lives on to inform the future generations. Lightcube creates publications with passion and diligence and therefore takes great pride in each issue of Umbra, each article published on The Garga Archives as well as every blog entry that features on one of our channels.

Your interest in Lightcube's publications only shows us that we need to be doing it better and more consistently. Please explore, at your leisure, the publications we run and send us your comments / feedback on any of the articles, entries that catch your attention, and if you do feel inclined, please help support our work by buying / subscribing to our publications or extending a donation.

If you wish to contribute to any of our publications, contact us. You can also check if there are open editorial / managerial positions to join our team


The Garga Archives exists in order to set, as a useful precedent, an example of an active, alive personal archive. As an agency, Lightcube professes enormous faith in lived realities, anecdotal histories and individual narratives as units that are fundamental to the construction of a larger, overarching history. The Garga Archives, which exists as a testament to the life of a seminal, 20th-century cineaste, is an expression of this belief.


Umbra is a quarterly newspaper on screen culture published by Lightcube out of India. Its pages feature major developments in the sectors of film preservation, film archiving, film society activism, funding for alternative films and film literature. Its focus is to establish a broad narrative or a lineage between the state of these areas in the past and their condition in the present.


Projectorhead is an online film journal based out of India. It aims to publish content that is constituted by observations, personal truths, nostalgia, associations and brave commentary. In short, an ode to cinephilia as a private activity that links an individual to the world. In the seven years of its operation, it has released eleven issues, alongwith a magazine blog, and special dossiers.