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Interview with Sebastiano Riso

Our coverage of the 2018 edition of the Habitat International Film Festival continues with Sebastiano Riso, director of Una Famiglia,  was in competition at Venice International Film Festival 2017 and was recently screened at Habitat International Film Festival. 

Una Famiglia (A Family) is a film about a black market trading in babies because adoption laws are very complicated and it is nearly impossible for straight couples to adopt, and adoption is definitely impossible for same sex couples in Italy. The situation gives rise to an alternative arrangement where there are surrogate mothers who sometimes suffer tremendously, both physically and emotionally. Sebastiano Riso's Una Famiglia is a beautiful yet uncomfortable film to watch and get acquainted with this aspect of Italian society. 

In this video interview, we get to know from Sebastiano about his inspirations, journey and practise. We also delve into the social and political situation in Italy and how that informs his filmmaking.