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Workshops - Learn the craft and the critique.

Urban and semi-urban populations of today live their lives surrounded by visible artifacts: advertising billboards, television programmes, social media pages, online video repositories, sport coverage, mainstream cinema, digital signboards – but with almost no initiation or critical equipment to properly understand or receive these messages.

Lightcube conducts image-literacy, film appreciation and film history workshops and courses across a diverse set of institutions throughout the year. Lightcube has developed a diverse list of presentations and theses that it has presented at colleges and schools across the country, including the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Hindu College, Pravah and Khwaab in New Delhi, Azim Premji University in Bangalore and GM Public School, Siliguri.

The following workshop modules can be requested any time. Each of the below workshops are conducted over 2-3 days and can be booked for a group of approximately 30 participants.

Customized workshops can be requested with minimum 1-month intimation period.


Documenting is essential to human intelligence, perception and philosophy. Without documentation, an event exists merely in the fraction of time and space in which it occurs, but once documented, it lives on as a reckoning and sometimes as a warning. The act of documenting is one that needs extreme attention, as the event being documented will cease to exist, and if its memory is not accurate enough, it will serve little purpose and more amusement. Due to the inherent nature of the exercise it cannot be predictive in nature, and is seldom useful in documenting past events, as it is marred by human incapability, biases and loss of supporting evidence. Therefore the art and technique of documenting needs careful practice.

The purpose of the workshop will be to first, familiarize the participants with the documentary genre of film making, its history, legacy and its pioneers and then, provide an exposure to the contemporary ideas and works resulting in a situation where the participants can discuss their projects and ideas and create some coherence between the art and technique of Documentaries.

Space: A classroom setting, preferably with windows that can be closed and the room can be darkened for showing films.

Equipment: Projector, Screen (8’x6’), Stereo sound system, Internet connectivity, wireless microphones – preferred but not necessary.

Participants’ profile: Ideal candidates would be students and practitioners between the age group of 18 to 40. Participants are not required to have their cameras or laptops etc.

End goals: The workshop can help participants to arrive at resolutions with respect to their ambitions of filmmaking in general and documentary filmmaking in particular. The candidates would be asked to formulate their ideas and discuss and refine their approach during the workshop.

Practical assignment: A 30 second, single shot to be taken by each participant and these would be discussed in class during the workshop.

Duration: 2 Days ( 5 hours / day ) 30 participants max

Group Fees – Rs. 60,000/- (for 30 participants)


Instructors: Anuj Malhotra & Suraj Prasad (bio’s provided below)