We are thinking!

Since 2012, we have organized over three hundred film screenings across the country, whether as part of curated festivals, or through the Dhenuki Cinema Project.

We have also published ten issues each of Umbra and Projectorhead, our journals on the cinema. We have built a digital museum dedicated to the life and work of film historian B D Garga.

We have also conceptualized a series of exhibitions, installations and curriculums for media colleges. Lightcube has also been invited to present at such forums as Serendipity Arts Festival, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Eyemyth Unbox, the Berlin Critics' Week and the Five Million Incidents.

We are now rethinking some of our journey and looking for inspiration as a collective. More significantly, we are reassessing our digital footprint for the future.

If you need to get in touch, you can always contact us by email, or message us on Facebook

— The Lightcube Team, April 2021