This might take a while!

When we met the treasurer of the FFSI in 2012 with the intention to start a film society, we were told that "DVD's have killed the scene, there is no more scope in the film society movement because films are easy to get on DVDs." The conversations were meaningless and inspired nothing!

Since then, we organized a few hundred film screenings across the country through curated festivals and the Dhenuki Cinema Project, published 10 issues each of Umbra and Projectorhead, built a digital museum dedicated to the memory of film historian B D Garga and gradually conceptualized exhibitions, installations and collaborations. We hopped around NCR in our makeshift offices and formed friendships and partnerships, went from a single domain name (Projectorhead) to a shared server and on to an Amazon AWS beast.

We are now trying to rethink some of our journey and look for more inspirations as a collective, as well as reassessing our digital footprint for a future. If you need to get in touch, you can always contact us by email, or message us on Facebook

— The Lightcube Team, April 2021